Online Marketplaces are distorted in favour of unlawful anti-competitive behaviour by non-complaint sellers. This has resulted in compliant sellers unable to fairly compete on a level playing field and going out of business.

Online Marketplaces are allowing unlawful anti-competitive behaviour and abuse by non-complaint sellers in the following areas:

  • Allowing a seller to operate more than one seller account, with some sellers operating 32 accounts selling the same products.
  • Allowing sellers to list a single item multiple times
  • Allowing overseas sellers to register multiple UK seller accounts using cloned company details without any verification process.
  • Allowing overseas sellers to list items as being located and dispatched from the UK when the items are in fact dispatched from China.
  • Allowing seller’s Online Marketplaces accounts to be linked to PayPal accounts that belong to a completely different business and legal entity.
  • Taking limited or no action against sellers who clearly sell counterfeit, dangerous and non-compliant goods.  Even when it is reported to them
  • Taking limited or no action against fake and paid for product reviews.
  • Offering fake deals, retail prices and sale prices in order to generate sales.

Unlawful anti-competitive behaviour on Online Marketplaces like eBay must be stopped. It is clear that we can’t rely on the Marketplaces or sellers to do this. New regulations need to be brought in by the government to ensure unlawful anti-competitive behaviour is stopped.