Some interesting news coming out of Chinese News Networks. Seems the latest eBay News Announcement on VAT compliance for overseas sellers is being picked up in China now.

Chinese News website has just (November 15th 2016) published this eBay sellers Note: Failure to follow the rules of VAT account will be frozen.

The article is in Chinese. The best way to view it is use Google Chrome which will automatically translate it. We have the translated version below. (Slightly pigeon English) :

EBay recently sent a message to the seller tips, sellers have received it.

VAT is about the new trends in the UK, as the e-mail notification under the ultimatum issued last month, Amazon sellers VAT secondary warning, as to not follow the rules of the seller.

Earlier this year, the British government for non-payment of VAT, but the seller of goods overseas in the UK turnover of the introduction of a new program. eBay worked closely with the British Inland Revenue (HMRC), to ensure that the seller VAT compliance. If the British Inland Revenue a notice of non-compliance sellers VAT receipt, eBay will take response measures, until the account permanently frozen.

Currently eBay has contacted hundreds of overseas sellers to inform and assist the completion of the audit, and continuing obligations to notify the seller. The e-mail notification, eBay warned sellers are very strict, if your VAT non-compliance, which should pay attention to it. VAT no account of the seller, must be promptly registered account. UK VAT registration, to be honest disclosure of information they need to the British tax authorities, and the British tax authorities claim the timely payment of VAT before tax in line with their VAT registration VAT regulations.

Registering an account, and not bin, timely and accurate tax return is also crucial. If intentional delays, errors or false declaration, may be subject to HMRC goods seized, if HMRC reported to eBay, will lead the account freeze and fines. But if you use a single VAT number in multiple eBay accounts, eBay would think these accounts belong to the same operator or a company may cause the associated account.

If by December 1 sellers still can not provide their own VAT number, but still uses the British Overseas warehouse delivery. So, use your overseas warehouse is not consistent with the requirements of the UK tax law, illegal operations. It is worth noting that not only eBay, Amazon, AliExpress VAT policies are implemented.

June this year, Amazon also issued a message to remind the British Grand Prix seller must submit VAT tax number in the background, it may face the risk of title; in October the Amazon in the same way again warning sellers to be registered VAT.

British VAT and AliExpress in September infos notice has been given to the British Overseas warehouse seller, if there is no VAT tax number on September 22, you will not be entitled to publish any country overseas warehouse merchandise, and the seller sent a unified platform goods provided for review by the British products do not deal with.

Either eBay or Amazon, AliExpress, the seller should be clear there is no free lunch, the intention to do sellers know that VAT is a general trend.

This, eBay is also a trend of VAT to the seller, made a prompt, want to play overseas warehouse seller, must play by the rules, escape is not a permanent solution.

Xiao Bian remind you: no VAT account eBay sellers British Overseas warehouse, quickly hands register now. Now is the season, not because of neglect caused by VAT account is permanently frozen