We reported this seller to HMRC VAT Fraud team 2 years ago and they are still committing VAT Fraud.

UPDATE 1st October 2016 – The seller has now started to cloned a UK companies name and their VAT number on many of their eBay accounts:

Satnam Kaila, 5/F,Second Phase ,Qianlong Logistics Park Pinghu Town,Longgang, 518112 Shenzhen, Guangdong China
VAT number: GB 924712823

We contacted J5 HOLLAND LTD who confirmed they did not know the seller or allowed them to use their company name or VAT number.

Below we have listed 16 eBay seller’s accounts that have cloned J5 HOLLAND LTD company name and VAT number on


UPDATE 23rd February 2016 – This seller has now changed their company information from TOMTOP Technology Co., Ltd to GUFEEL NETWORK LIMITED on eBay:

Jiangyang Huang
G Zone 5/F, No.1 Exchange Square,huanan City, Pinghu, Longgang
518111 Shenzhen, Guangdong

They are also using VAT number which is not an official NETPS VAT number registered to a UK accountants address:


Case Study

Shenzhen TOMTOP Technology Co., Ltd run 21+ business seller accounts on with stock is located in the UK.

The total annual sales of their eBay accounts is £8,013,888.00 This equates to £1,335,648.00 of VAT per year. The oldest account dates back to 2006, with the newest setup in 2014.

One may wonder why eBay are letting one Chinese business seller trade with 21 separate eBay accounts (they may have more – but these are the ones we have found.

Secret Shopper

We purchased an item from one of their eBay accounts and asked for a VAT invoice, which they provided. The VAT number used on the invoice was not registered to them.

Using someone else’s VAT number is VAT Fraud.

TOMTOP gave their UK company name and warehouse address on the invoice:

TomorrowTop LTD
Unit 4 Victory Trading Estate
Kiln Road

TomorrowTop LTD is a Chinese owned company.

TomorrowTOP Ltd is fulfilling orders for Shenzhen TOMTOP Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen TOMTOP Technology Co., Ltd eBay Accounts

Below are details of TOMTOP eBay accounts. Most of the accounts sell the same range of products; we given an example of a product called the “Digital Baby Infrared Thermometer” which they sell on 19 of their eBay accounts.

Sales Country UK Stock VAT Number Example Listing
ilastone £1,053,636.00 141210178763
tomtop.wholesaler £748,452.00 360820909516
tomtop.usa £586,956.00 301105808424
usbempire £555,804.00
tomtop_home £520,776.00 361214279119
tomtop.mall £434,196.00 251431699910
homegarden2012 £417,264.00 351312602356
tomtop_uk £414,408.00 400651675359
ttmallzone365 £378,396.00 131111169483
tomtop_game £373,788.00 190974384029
tomtop_w £318,252.00 291015841171
newmango £287,184.00 131047901858
tomtop_digital £256,392.00 191047878749
ttstoreusa £254,868.00 111442338688
tomorrowtop £213,780.00 200988325283
dodotech £205,224.00 231159277150
tomtop_sales £191,832.00 400862116449
costcobuy £184,404.00 301020355517
antiquechina2009 £179,436.00 291015960679
tomtop_shop £161,664.00
dudustory £142,548.00 161310971396
tomtop_deals £134,628.00

Who is TOMTOP?

TOMTOP is a major distributor based in Shenzhen China. They have 3 companies:

  • Shenzhen TOMTOP Technology Co., Ltd – Chinese
  • Tomtop Group, Limited – American
  • TomorrowTop LTD – UK

They operate several websites and sales channels:

They sell just about everything that’s made in China.

Business seller information

They mostly use the company name “Shenzhen TOMTOP Technology Co., Ltd” or “TOMTOP GROUP LIMITED” in their Business seller information

All give the same address: G Zone 5/F, No.1 Exchange Square, Huanan City, Pinghu, Longgang, 518111 Shenzhen, China.

The Future of Retail in the UK

This seller giving a startlingly dark picture of for how Chinese Distributors are killing off UK retailers & distributors. They are taking their product direct for the factory to the UK consumers. UK retailers don’t stand a chance, especially when they evade VAT.

Questions for HMRC to answer?

  1. Why is Chinese company Shenzhen TOMTOP Technology Co., Ltd issuing VAT invoices in the name of a UK company TomorrowTop LTD & why are they using a VAT number that is not registered to either of them?
  2. What safety guard’s do you have to ensure that this seller is declaring VAT on all their eBay accounts & sales?
  3. Has Shenzhen TOMTOP Technology Co., Ltd paid their VAT liability of £1,335,648.00 a year from their 21+ eBay accounts?

  • Mohammad

    I just got scammed by them.

  • nsciucco

    What do you mean by scammed?

    • Andreas Christodoulou

      There are many ways of being scammed… you have paid for an item and never receive it or receive an item different model or not working or working partially. they are scammers

  • Andreas Christodoulou

    TOMTOP Beware of this company…!!! i bought from those and when i decide to return the item i bought, they gave me a FAKE address and now i lost my money and my item too. So now no one is there to deliver it !!! (simple isn’t it ….NOT DELIVERED>>>>>> NO REFUND )

  • NL

    Tomtop is DISHONEST and LIAR. They have another alias EBay name Lalayes. Tomtop CANNOT be TRUSTED. Tomtop is a SCAM. You will REGRET if you buy from Tomtop. Tomtop sold me FAULTY product and they ignore your emails.

  • kerry

    Somebody should do a class lawsuit on them!!!! They sold me a defective Phone through eBay. They seller name is TomTop.Mall

  • Tony

    Going through it myself now with them (ebay seller – ilastone). Received a defective unit from them, they tried giving me the runaround until I got shirty. Now I’ve sent it back and it was delivered 2 days ago. l now find myself waiting for a refund which might not happen as they’re ignoring emails. How come some of their items are also listed with only a 6 month warranty. I thought 12 months was a minimum legal requirement for sales within the UK.

  • George K.

    Order from
    Order dispatched – order not found with tracking number – no response to emails

    Ordered a cellphone they give me shipping number but there is no tracking info on that number… The most rediculus in all this is that tomtop refuses to answer my emails and their online chat is always offline… this is not a good company, there is no customer support and i believe there is nothing truth about their products-support-refund-guaranty etc etc(because if it was truth they will be answered my emails about 5-6 emails right now without response, maybe a fraud, maybe a scam…