HMRC handed out 7,185 VAT numbers to Overseas Online retailers!!

HMRC have just released a press statement “HMRC tackles online VAT fraud in time for Christmas. They have handed out 7,185 VAT numbers to Overseas Online retailers in the last year, that’s a tenfold increase in last year’s figures of 695 due to their crackdown of Online VAT Fraud.

However reading between the lines is seems to be desperate attempt by HMRC to get some positive PR and be seen doing something positive in tackling the online VAT fraud they have ignored for the past ten years. The press release simply proves Online VAT fraud is enormous with 7,185 previously unregistered overseas retailers deciding to register for VAT.

It’s worth noting our comments in FT & The Guardian on the HMRC news:

The Guardian – MPs poised to investigate VAT fraud on Amazon and eBay
The Financial Times – Online sales clampdown nets VAT registrations

Lets hope HMRC’s next press release is more news worthy such as; “HMRC close down 7,185 oversea’s online VAT Evading retailers on eBay & Amazon” !!

HMRC have some serious questions to answer;

1) How much undeclared VAT has HMRC recovered from these previously unregistered online retailers?

2) How many of these retailers have declared on their VAT registration forms that they have made no previous undeclared sales?

3) How many of these retailers have HMRC asked to appoint a VAT representative or provide a financial guarantee?

4) How much VAT in now being collected from these previously unregistered retailers?

5) How many Joint and Several Liability notices have been issued to eBay & Amazon for non VAT compliant online retailers?

6) How will HMRC monitor these retailers VAT Returns are true and correct?

One must ask themselves is HMRC handing out VAT numbers without any due diligence or investigation into the retailers previous online trading history?

Great PR stunt HMRC – doesn’t wash with us!

  • kevin fitzmaurice-brown

    I began collecting screen grabs and tracking Chines sellers on Ebay in 2011. Asked questions. HMRC, Treasury, relevant Ministers, Royal Mail, China Post. They replied, but very evasively. Then refused, some obviously very worried. HMRC answered , but when pressed about their answers refused to answer any more questions. ” Anything under £15.00 is not considered worth collecting VAT on ” So several container ships arriving every week with a 100,000 items valued at £14.99 is not worth collecting ? They did not reply. Is Gibraltar involved in ‘ signing in sending pilot boats out to passing ships to collect paperwork and sign the cargo into the EU ? Thats been done for years with vehicles. The Ministers involved ran for cover and kept telling me it was not their responsibility ! USA must be involved. TTIP was blocked. BREXIT is TTIP in disguise. USA wants EU screwed. UK being used as free VAT warehouse for entry in EU is good economic sense for those who sell and those who want to screw the EU. Royal Mail sold cheap and deal done with China Post. Royal Mail staff told to ignore mail/parcels from China, but not Japan, Canada, India etc. Now lets see how Theresa May tries to bullshit trade deals with many countries when they find out their goods are being undercut. Then there are the millions of sub standard and unsafe items. I have collected images of so much rubbish and very dangerous items constantly coming into UK and EU. The list goes on. THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN MASSIVE FRAUD OF the people and the EU. AS for new laws in 2018 so what about BREXIT then if they brought in new laws ? ?? And then there are the VAT fiddlers who have nice new shiny VAT numbers, but the same company has several different ones and several different UK addresses and when asked about a VAT receipt some do not replay, others say it will arrive by email about 3 weeks after purchase etc. This government is uo to its eyes in corruption and fraud BREXIT is now just a stall to try and do deals to pay off their debts and keep the EU quiet. And of course to allow time for their Corporate USA pals to asset strip UK. That has to be allowed after the deal done by Thatcher to turn UK into a debt slave society during the 1980’s I was the first to report on it. And threatened …. ….

  • kevin fitzmaurice-brown

    Many of the Chinese sellers I tracked had their address in the UK. Seemingly with vast stocks. Using google earth I found many of these were flats ! Thats was years ago. They may have VAT numbers now, but they have little intention of paying. And how is the Tory government going to pay back the money it owes China if not by tax fiddles and screwing the public as always. Again I state this government is in very serious trouble. And its only way out is to join Trump in his WW3 bid. Always the solution when a countries debt is impossible to pay. Thats right USA AS always ….. But con someone else into starting it. So what will be the next 9/11 ? The ‘ D ‘ notice did not stop the world ( except UK ) from finding out who was responsible for the Salisbury ‘ attack. Not gas at all but a drug a 100 times stronger than hash. and.. well see for yourself its out there from the most reliable of sources. The full story and nothing at all to do with Russia. VAT fraud, terrorist cons. What a bloody mess. And a shower of sociopathic ‘ leaders ‘.