About us

This campaign has been set-up by a group of UK eBay and Amazon Business sellers. We have felt the full impact of the VAT evading Chinese & non EU sellers who have taken over eBay & Amazon and are now pushing us out of business.

It is impossible to compete with the 1000’s of VAT evaders who are still trading and offering ‘too good to be true’ deals by illegally not charging 20% VAT on products located in the UK. The situation has now got so out of hand that even the VAT evaders are finding it impossible to compete because there are so many of them on Amazon & eBay.

In July 2014 we sent HMRC a comprehensive report detailing the £billion Online VAT Fraud and listed hundreds of VAT Evading sellers. We had hoped that HMRC would have taken action, but they chose to ignore it.

Thanks to RAVAS – Retailers Against VAT Abuse Schemes our campaign has gained much media attention and political backing.

RAVAS has been pivotal to the success of our campaign. RAVAS is an independent pressure group of UK retailers who successfully fought to end the exploitation of the Channel Islands LVCR VAT Loophole.

We have now successfully pressured the government to introduce new laws in Finance Bill 2016 to tackle online VAT Fraud; VAT: overseas businesses using an online marketplace to sell goods in the UK.

Our campaign has also led to:

  • Meetings with the heads of the EU VAT Unit in Brussels.
  • Meetings with the heads of Government.
  • Meetings with the heads of Public Accounts Committee.
  • Meeting with heads of HMRC in Whitehall.
  • Debates in the House of Lords & House of Commons.
  • Tea and scones in the House of Lords tearoom.
  • Nation Audit Office  Report
  • Public Accounts Committee Hearing with Heads of HMRC, eBay & Amazon

Below is some of the coverage we have gained:

Coverage from Public Accounts Committee Hearing:

Just some of the coverage:

Coverage from National Audit Office Report

Budget 2016 Announcement; George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a series of measures to combat on-line VAT Fraud in the March 2106 Budget (starts at 13:01:35). These measures include:

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Financial Times:



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